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Four Practical Revolutions in Management: Systems for Creating Unique Organizational Capability

(Productivity Press 1993)

Shoji Shiba / Dave Walden

In this important and influential book, Shiba and Walden describe and summarize an integrated set of management practices for improving overall business efficiency.
Among the desired results are ways in which businesses can increase their ability to seek breakthrough opportunities.
This is to be accomplished through transforming company-thought to opportunity-recognition, since opportunities always favor a prepared mind.
At the same time new relationships with business competitors should be fostered to create beneficial situations.
During this, businesses should focus on opening new activities elsewhere—for the Japanese this would mean China, India, and other parts of Asia.
In all, it is important that businesses maintain a good balance between looking after internal efficiency and seeking out external opportunity.
“In a globalized business environment, one should think radically and be willing to take risks,” Shiba once said.
And indeed, breakthrough management is a radically new paradigm for exponential growth.
The revolutions having proved practical, Shiba and Walden published a second volume (2006) which emphasized the changing economic conditions in 21st-century Japan: Breakthrough Management: Principles, Skills and Patterns for Transformational Leadership.

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