The Nippon Foundation is a private, non-profit organization in Japan. Established in 1962, it carries out a wide range of philanthropic activities both within and outside of Japan.
The Read Japan Project is one of the foundation’s overseas projects which aims to promote the global understanding of Japan.

The Migration of Knowledge

The motif for this program shows three books in the form of birds against the backdrop of the Japanese flag, symbolizing the knowledge and culture of Japan taking flight and going out into the wider world. Each bird represents one of the cornerstones of the Read Japan Project: The Nippon Foundation, Overseas Diplomatic Establishments, and Libraries. The project logo on the bottom right shows the three birds encompassed in three circles. The circles, each larger than the one before, represent knowledge from Japan moving out into the rest of the world.
 The deep red color used for the project logo not only symbolizes Japan but also gives a feeling of academic calm and dignity.

With each wingbeat, these birds carry knowledge from Japan to the rest of the world.

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